Own our own time at Almgrens Silkmill in Stockholm

Far out textil
Vernissage 24 March 14.00

Fiber Art Sweden http://www.fiberartsweden.nu/  in collaboration with K A Almgrens Silkmill http://www.kasiden.se/
With Anne Biringvad Gudrun Hasle Petter Hellsing Nils Kristoffersson och Stefan Uhlinder.
Curated by Anna T Wolgers and Monica Nilsson


Preparing for exhibition in Stockholm Sweden

Unpacking the monumental knitting at the Artist studio in Härnösand  Sweden www.kkvh.se . 
Repairing the beautiful red artpiece before the exhibition "Far out textil" at Almgrens silk mill in Stockholm. 
A collaboration with Fiber Art Sweden. http://www.fiberartsweden.nu/  
Today the silk mill is one of Skandinavias oldest preserved industrial environment


Own our own time VI in Blönduós Iceland June 2017

It is time to leave Blönduós and all the wonderful people who participated in the monumental knitting by the meadow next to the river Blanda 10th of June. An unforgettable hour shared together in the sun and wind, listening to music by Skarphéðinn Einarsson and Benedikt Blöndal Lárusson.
Photographer: Róbert Daníel Jónsson and Cornelia Theimer Gardella
Thank you all!

   Landstinget Västernorrland


Black and red for Iceland

On June 10th 2017 Own our own time VI was performed in Blönduos, Iceland. One hour is preserved 
as stripes in the monumental knitting. Iceland is symbolized by three black and one red colour, the magma 
and the lava. The yarn used is Icelandic and was donated tothe project by the Icelandic company 
ISTEX http://istex.is. Thank you!
You can see one piece out of 80 red beautiful knitting's created in 2011 by members from the knittingnetwork Gavstrik www.gavstrik.dk. Then follows the first, darkbrown hour fromFaroeisland in June 2011, green from Shetland 2013, grey with a piece of gold from Paris, France 2014, multicoloured from Borås, Sweden 2015, 
blue from Quebec, Canada 2016 and the last black stripe from Iceland 2017.


Own our own time VI in Blönduos Iceland

The performance Own our own time VI was set up in Blönduos in the north of Iceland June 10 2017, 17.30 – 18.30. Three black colours and a few red stripes as the symbol of Iceland are preserved in the monumental knitting for 83 participants. On the beautiful meadow, with the sun and wind, next to the river Blanda. The women from Prjónagleði - Knitting Festival 2017 and Textilsetur, people from Blöndous, friends from Sweden, collegues from Reykjavik and Skagaströnd, Skarphéðinn on trumpet and Benedict on keyboard thank you so much for participating!
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Photographer: Paulina Lindström

The project is supported by
    Landstinget Västernorrland


Own our own time VI goes to Iceland

Restoring the monumental knitting Own our own time in the end of April 2017 before leaving for Iceland. Last stop was Canada in fall 2016. The hour is preserved as blue laps in the big knitting. Next stop will be Blönduós on Iceland 10th of June 2017. In collaboration with Textilsetur and Prjónagleði Knitting festival


Own our own time at Sundsvalls Museum Sweden

Own our own time I-V
Installation at Sundsvalls Museum Sweden 4 Feb - 16 April 2017


Own Our Own Time V August 27 in Quebec Canada

August 27 2016 Own Our Own Time V was performed at the opening of In-Situ Textile Art Installations at Moon Rain Centre in Quebec Canada. 83 participants saved time in the form of a monumental knitting. During one hour time became visible as blue laps in this ongoing art project. The participants were both skilled knitters and beginners. It was a warm, cheerful, messy, loud and unforgettable experience. Own Our Own Time V was carried out in + 30 C .
Can you knit something cold?
Photographer Jamie Cruickshank

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